The Bat! 4.2.12

[+] You may now call Menu Navigator from menus
[+] Added support for Japanese interface language
[+] Web-like search is now available in Message Finder
[*] The Bat! Got "Compatible with Windows 7" logo
[*] New command line parameters /ASSOCIATE_DefMailClient /ASSOCIATE_EML /ASSOCIATE_MSG /ASSOCIATE_VCF /ASSOCIATE_MAILTO. When one of the following parameters are passed, The Bat! does the necessary associations and immediately exits. It also returns an exit code (errorlevel) 0 in case of success and 1 in case of error.
[*] More logging when a filtering error occurs.
[*] Viewer/Editor Profile Layout and SmartBat Preferences rearranged to fit loooong captions, font and color names
[*] thebat.exe is now plain exe file without an executable compressor
[*] Viewer/Editor Profile Layout and SmartBat Preferences - FontFace fixed on buttons instead of icons for them :(
[*] (#0006256) Message Finder: It was impossible to delete a simple condition block
[*] The temp files are deleted after displaying the splash screen that may show the splash screen faster when there are lots of temp files to delete
[*] If a message index file cannot be created due to a renaming error, detailed information is given to the user.
[-] When inserting a block from file in MicroEd, the editor window went to background, and the main The Bat! window was activated
[-] In SMTP, the EHLO argument could contain local computer's name rather than fully-qualified domain name retrieved from DNS.
[-] When a user ran thebat.exe under Windows Vista (or later) without previously installing the MSI (i.e. no special registry entries were set), The Bat! did ask for file associations, but couldn't set it. Now it shows an "OK" button with a shield to indicate that it requires UAC elevation to write all the necessary registry entries (to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE).
[-] Added a debug parameter /LOGIPRESOLVER
[-] (#0007696): problems reading certain html messages with latest betas
[-] Some windows to input a single line had untranslatable OK and Cancel Buttons
[-] A colour selection combo-box had a "Custom..." item untranslatable
[-] TBVARS URL Handler, that was used to modify The Bat! settings via external URLs was not associated to Registry.
[-] Fixed a bug of restoring a backup files from command line
[-] Simple MAPI handler couldn't handle the ReadMail command
[-] The "/OP" command line parameter gave an AV.
[-] Fixed a problem with Copy&Paste of the last line of an HTML page
[-] Fixed a problem with anti-virus software when passing data between the DLL and thebat.exe when using SIMPLE MAPI.
[-] Changed "Unselect" to "Deselect" throughout the program
[-] The Preferences dialog was not centered, did not fit 800x600 or similar resolution, and didn't remember its position.
[-] The Message Dispatcher window was not screen-centered
[-] The Quick Template window was not screen-centered
[-] Card file lists weren't backuped
[-] The Bat! uninstaller didn't delete message base files and some files of the common settings
[-] In S/MIME internal implementation, if The Bat! user did generate a new certificate and have used another certificate to sign it, and the two certificates had different algorithms, the generation didn't work properly.
[-] When generating a certificate in S/MIME internal implementation, the "unused bits" in KeyUsage was incorrectly set
[-] Fixed an AV when restoring a TBK file during a first start (when no accounts were yet created) and the backup did contain scheduled events
[-] Drag-and-drop of messages with "foreign" characters in subjects into disk folders could fail
[-] (#0007686) Background in HTML message is not saved and is not sent
[-] (#0007754) Image resizing in the HTML-editor is not saved.
[-] (#0007761) HTML editor doesn't define background colour in message source, when is White colour selected

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