The Bat! 4.2.23

[+] "Do nothing" option for the "Watch and send files" Scheduler's action to control execution of other actions
[*] Improved speed of handling folder names. This may be noticeable on very large folder trees
[*] Changed DEP detection algorithm for the operating systems prior to Windows Vista (e.g. for Windows XP with SP3 and Windows Server 2003)
[*] If there were an invalid birthday date stored in the address book, The Bat! did only report error "invalid argument to date encode", without further clarification for the user what might have caused the error. Now more detailed information is given.
[-] Clicking the "How to register" menu item have caused the "File not found" error message
[-] (#0007845) Error Message when exiting "save as" in Graphic Viewer
[-] (#0007852) An error after dropping a dragged attachment to a Windows desktop
[-] The Certificate Selection window and Certificate Search Results windows did save the coordinates to a wrong location in Registry
[-] (#0007844) Font family not set in HTML mail
[-] (#0007859) After renaming an account, folder structure is not saved

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