The Bat! 4.2.33

RITLabs announces a regular The Bat! update. The main improvement of the new version is a significant speed up of message retrieving via POP3 servers. Besides, there are some improvements and fixes in this new version:

[+] Added a new registry key "DisplayCommandLine" (DWORD). Set it to "1" to let The Bat! display the command line on startup. This may be useful when you are having difficulties in using The Bat! command-line parameters.

[*] Added a workaround for a potential erroneous birthday entry in the address book.

[-] Significantly reduced CPU load during POP3 sessions. This essentially improves speed of retrieving messages on computers with slow CPU and fast connection (e.g. Ethernet) to the POP3 server.

[-] Fixed a spell-checker related AV on exit

[-] The progress form about loading the antivirus plugins did overlap with the splash screen.

[-] (#0004357) No account username/password update dialog during failed POP3/SMTP login

[-] POP3 password was not updated if a server broke connection

[-] Fixed "stack overflow" crash related to tbuser.def

[-] The action to execute an external program from The Bat! task scheduler didn't work

[-] Cosmetic fixes

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