The Bat! 5.0.8

[+] New image download manager
[+] Added a visual indicator for loading message lists of IMAP folders
[+] Color groups can be assigned to IMAP messages
[+] Improved certificate chain building for X.509 in S/MIME and TLS
[+] IMAP. Partial message loading
[+] IMAP. Loading of remotely stored attachments
[+] "Resend to" action added to support both local and remote attachments
[+] Excel compatibility option added when exporting contacts in CSV format
[+] Graceful server disconnect for IMAP
[+] An account option to not use filters on IMAP in the "IMAP fine-tune" section
[+] It's now possible to search for RegExp and other The Bat!-specific criterias in IMAP folders and in offline-mode (in cached messages only)
[+] IMAP connection is now monitored mostly like in versions prior to 5
[+] It's now possible to define colour and text style for Quick Search tabs
[+] Information about selected/total and filtered messages is now displayed on status bar in the main window and message viewer
[+] It's now possible to print from SmartBat
[+] Better decoding/encoding of some badly-encoded national characters, The Bat! now uses smarter recovery algorithms
[*] Better display of unknown attributes of X.509 certificates
[*] Remove thread start/finish debug messages from the "ex_log.txt" file
[*] Getting folder contents was reorganized
[*] IMAP folder can be specified (and created if needed) as destination of filter
[*] Folder download options was reorganized
[*] Pop-up menus of IMAP accounts/folders was reorganized
[*] Cosmetic changes in IMAP download tab
[*] IMAP related account and folder properties was reorganized
[*] Redesigned IMAP folder manager
[*] Plugin API. Refined handling of before/after filter events
[*] %AttachOriginalFiles macros is now supported in all auto-generated messages (not only forward)
[*] IMAP message bases are now stored in a separate "IMAP" folders to prevent troubles when the user switches back and forth between versions 4 and 5 of The Bat!

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