The Bat! 5.3.8


  • Original splash screen
  • Some mailers are known to violate RFC2047 5.(3) and split multi-octet character across adjacent 'encoded-word's (we concatenate adjacent 'encoded-word's with the same character set to work around this issue)
  • User interface fixes at the Account" menu
  • Cosmetic fixes under the "Account -> Properties" menu
  • e-mail settings were added
  • Message Finder: the option for searching of the whole words only was ignored
  • Messages about invalid PNG files are not displayed; instead as much data as possible is recovered from the broken images
  • RFC-822 headers weren't immediately visible when selecting HTML message ("View > RFC-822 Headers" mode)
  • An account with non-administrator privileges could not operate the "Preferences" dialogue
  • IMAP. Negative counter error after message expunging
  • Changes of column widths in Address Book tree were lost after program restart
  • Birthday notification can be invisible and lock the program
  • HTML template cannot be used for messages created from command line
  • Source View - the Print function was not working correctly
  • "TTaskUpdater.DecUse: negative reference counter, the "already destroyed!" error message while performing folder maintenance
  • Possible multi-threading problem while terminating folder maintenance
  • Current server's SMTP Authentication settings were not taken into the configuration dialogue when "SMTP on-the-go" was used
  • "Watch and Send files" scheduler action incorrectly encoded long file names
  • PluginAPI. The filter wasn't used when getting the message list
  • Some 8-bit encoding problems when sending a message to an Address Group

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