The Bat! 5.3.10

New features

  • PluginAPI: Message tags can be manipulated
  • Hunspell engine was updated to version 1.3.2
  • Now the user has less steps to select user dictionary to add words to a spell checker dictionary
  • Interface fixes in the "Help" menu
  • Cosmetic fixes at IMAP Settings
  • Preferences dialogue should now always appear in the centre of the screen
  • Default mail server settings for were added
  • Custom ServersInfo.INI can be placed into the mail directory in order to add default transport settings for new accounts
  • Root CA certificates have been updated
  • Some 8-bit encoding problems when sending a message to an Address Group have been fixed
  • Selected Headers of the Message Editor were shown wrong in menus
  • Changing of a message priority was not reflected at the MailTicker(TM)
  • Read filters were always invoked regardless of the "Manual Only" settings
  • Message editor: some HTML messages were quoted in a wrong way
  • Timeout in account settings wasn't used for IMAP connection
  • Certificates/keys from PFX files with unknown attributes could not be imported
  • Attachment name could be incorrectly encoded
  • When a message reminder was set up, the default notification settings were not used
  • Text in HTML reply could be trimmed when printed
  • Quick Reply from separate windows could use a wrong message for reference
  • Clipboard could be permanently locked (until program restart)
  • A bug with PGP passphrase caching has been fixed
  • Fixed a negative counter error on IMAP after message expunging (additional fix)
  • Import from CVS-file with some fields empty but enclosed by quotes into the address book returned incorrect results
  • Date decoding can fail if specified date is before January 1, 1601 (UTC)
  • Sometimes messages from closed password protected accounts were shown in MailTicker(TM) and could be viewed when double-clicked. To workaround this issue ask password.
  • Program could not be closed after attachment loading on IMAP
  • The Bat! didn't properly decode inline PGP and UUE from HTML-only messages
  • Message tags with non-ASCII characters could be encoded in a wrong way
  • Quick Reply was using addressee information only in the %QTO macro, now this information is used by default
  • Message Finder - "Any part" conditions was not stored in the search history
  • When account was locked, sometimes it was possible to read folders with unread messages
  • HTTP requester can lose data from server when proxy with authentication was used
  • Quick templates were not shown as a Forward button sub-menu

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