The Bat! 5.8.2

New Features

  • The option of locking The Bat!'s interface toolbars has been implemented.
  • The /LOG_PGP_COMMAND_LINE command line parameter has been implemented
  • The default mail server settings for,,,, have been added
  • Warning when parked messages are moved is back.
  • German user interface translation update.
  • The issue related to the processing of the print command invoked via the key combination Ctrl+P in The Bat!'s internal Image Viewer has been fixed.
  • The Invert case feature now works properly in all The Bat!'s editors for all the regional languages of the operating system.
  • The reply counter in the German language "AW:" now works as the reply counter in the English language "Re:".
  • The issue related to pressing AltGr in the mail editor for Hungarian and German keyboard layouts has been fixed.
  • The search function in Cookies has been fixed.
  • The negative counters issue in IMAP accounts, caused by the access of more than one client, has been fixed.
  • Outlook Express contacts could not be imported.
  • Creating messages using HTML-templates with images could lead to the loss of the last angle bracket.
  • Program errors regarding the Quick Reply panel have been fixed.

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