The Bat! 6.1

New features

  • TLS 1.1
  • SSL 3.0
  • Import of Exchange contacts from MS Outlook
  • Added support for hardware CRAM-MD5 (token) authentication in IMAP
  • Split messages aren't automatically combined in IMAP folders
  • Faster message retrieval over POP3 with large volumes of messages kept on the server
  • A high-resolution version of the main program icon has been added
  • Additional images could not be attached after an image had been removed from the HTML-message body
  • Switching to HTML tab did hide tab pane when message is viewed in separate window
  • Improper displaying of addresses with paired double quotes
  • Setting message tags with the "Message|Tags|More tags" command was broken
  • Wrong editor format indication when the %SetEditor macro was used
  • The SMTP option "Do not store password, prompt on retrieval" now functions properly
  • Import from Google Contacts was partial in some cases
  • Import from Microsoft Outlook Express address book didn't work properly
  • It wasn't possible to make program associations in Windows XP
  • Smileys and Rogues were inactive
  • Bugs in the dial-up access functionality have been fixed
  • (#0000243) "Invalid Pointer Operation" on every other call of Print
  • Time in Cron format was incorrectly handled in the Scheduler
  • Export of addressbook as text or csv generates UTF-8 without BOM for MS Excel, it leads to wrong non-latin characters
  • Cannot upgrade from 5.8.8 to 6.x using eToken OTFE
  • Fixed exception when drag-n-drop ABD file from Win Explorer to white region of address books list
  • TLS connections with some servers didn't work.

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