The Bat! 6.3.2

New features

  • Internal implementation of RSS Subscriptions
  • Support of custom URL types skype://, callto:// and tel://
  • Hungarian interface language added
  • The "Tools", "View" and "Workspace" menus have been reorganized
  • Account settings for email addresses have been added
  • Automatic completion of address fields changed to offering a drop-down list of possible addressees instead of forcing the change of the entered text
  • Mail Dispatcher is invoked at program start-up for the password-protected accounts as well
  • Position of the Memo and of the Address Auto-view windows is stored correctly
  • Mouse wheel is functional in operating system's HTML viewer even if the text is not focused
  • Forwarded flag is not set to messages before sending or storing them in Outbox
  • Forwarded flag is not assigned to the source message if "Edit as new" is used
  • Closing "Spell checking" dialog with the Esc key is possible
  • Colour group is remembered after deleting message attachments
  • Resend of separately opened .eml/.msg files functions properly
  • Gender in an address book entry could not be changed from female to none or other
  • Access Violation error message when closing the "Print Setup" dialog in "Print Preview" has been fixed
  • Access Violation error message when trying to print from the "Print Preview" dialog has been fixed
  • Tabulation works properly in the Windows-Editor
  • Folder Tree Tabs are switching to pre-defined tab names when changing language
  • Selecting existing MAPI profile became possible for the MS Exchange accounts
  • Opening .eml files starting with period does not call infinite loop
  • SMTP client no longer sends 'localhost' instead of an IP-address in the EHLO command
  • URLs are properly inserted in the HTML editor

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