The Bat! 6.7.7 Christmas Edition


  • Better handling of URLs with non-ASCII characters
  • From now on, Quick Search in the Address Book looks into secondary email addresses
  • Updated Root CA certificates
  • The Bat! no longer adds <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-???"> to HTML messages since it always uses HTML character entities in Unicode
  • (#0608) Windows Editor was storing incorrect character set name for text parts
  • (#0356) Issues with the attachment file names in "Watch and Send files" action in Scheduler have been eliminated
  • (#0553) When forwarding multiple messages as attachments, the Forwarded flag was set only to one message
  • (#0461) Printing selection didn't always work with non-ASCII text
  • (#0164) Forward messages using Quick Templates was not always working
  • (#0551) Order of Message List Tabs was not updated after editing it in the Preferences dialogue
  • New Account dialogue was erroneously allowing to change protocol type of an account loaded from a specified folder
  • The Bat! did not check for passwords larger longer than 250 characters and then could not use them
  • (#0594) The "TEditContentPart.Destroy --- ALREADY DESTROYED!!!" error when saving some HTML messages has been fixed
  • Fixed an error at startup: Exception EOleSysError in module thebat.exe, Class not registered, ClassID: {56FDF344-FD6D-11D0-958A-006097C9A090}
  • Inserting an URL into HTML text could generate error messages
  • (#0626) Message lists were not updated properly after Purge+Compress operations
  • (#0644) Message Finder was looking for answered messages instead of unanswered
  • Some cosmetic fixes to the New Account dialogue
  • Root CA certificates could duplicate in the address book

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