The Bat! 6.8


  • Now The Bat! gives details when something is wrong with the registration key, i.e. it gives different messages when the key is revoked, copied incorrectly, is valid for newer or previous versions, etc.
  • In the 64-bit version of The Bat!, the "Edit personal certificates" dialog in the account properties didn't open
  • An exception in the Connection Centre that could happen when exiting The Bat! while having active send/receive connections which were in process of connecting to a server has been fixed
  • The Bat! could sometimes give the "No random handler defined" error at startup
  • The quick reply field didn't allow to navigate throughout the window using the Tab/Shift+Tab keys
  • An empty quick reply field, with just a couple of whitespace characters did anyway call the confirmation window
  • The Bat! didn't display an appropriate error message when the user tried to create an account with ":" or space characters in the name
  • Some labels in the Connection Centre had invalid height, letters being truncated at the bottom
  • (#0000385) Incorrect URL for the Ritlabs homepage is shown in the Control panel\Default programs
  • (#0000652) The mass mailing function could not send messages in the HTML format
  • (#0000009) The "Redirect a Message" window didn't remember its position and the position of the split panels
  • (#0000052) Opening mail from file system and viewing attached .eml file could give an "Access Violation" error
  • (#0000076) The message editor window didn't properly handle groups of attachments: Ctrl+A didn't work, deleting a group of attachments invoked a query for each of the attachments
  • (#0000391) MultiSMTP dialogs were untranslatable
  • (#0000561) Improper positioning of an item in the S/MIME and TLS Preferences dialog
  • (#0000537) Configuration of 64-bit plugins was stored in the same location as fo 32-bit plugins
  • (#0000562) Captions were truncated in the SMTP authentication options
  • (#0000607) Truncated Birthday input field in the address book entry editor

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