The Bat! 6.8.2

New features

  • Accounts can now be associated with Color Groups
  • Incoming filters are now working for RSS Feeds
  • The "Create New Account" dialog will hide MAPI from the list of protocols if none is detected in the current system
  • You can configure The Bat! to not specify the %EMAIL% variable by running it with the /DontWriteEmailEnvironmentVariable command line parameter, or by setting the DWORD DontWriteEmailEnvironmentVariable variable to 1 under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT\The Bat!
  • An animated indicator has been added to in the "Create New Account" dialog


  • Timing log for the Exchange accounts
  • The Bat! will ignore IPF.NOTE.SOCIALCONNECTOR, IPF.NOTE.OUTLOOKHOMEPAGE, IPF.ShortcutFolder, Outlook.Reminder folder types while interacting with the Exchange server via MAPI
  • The "User name" label has been renamed to "Mailbox name" in MAPI accounts to differentiate it from the user name used for authentication
  • Better logging of certificate errors in TLS
  • Fixed a bug that might have caused access violation or incorrect behavior when forwarding messages with HTML parts from using Sorting Office filters
  • Caching was allowed for downloading RSS feeds, causing no-update issues on some servers
  • (#623) Ctrl+Ins shortcut was not working after selection of all text using Ctrl+A in the message viewer
  • Possible errors of the 64-bit version have been fixed
  • (#624) Opening a "mailto" URL from a common folder did not choose an appropriate active account for the new message
  • ORFO 2014 options were neither visible nor accessible
  • The Bat! could not use 64-bit spell checkers via the CSAPI interface. For example, it could not use ORFO and returned an access violation error in The Bat! 64-bit version
  • (#541) GnuPG did not work with the 64-bit version of The Bat!
  • (#688) The Bat! 64-bit did not work with eToken
  • Address History could show duplicate messages when the "scan subfolders" option was used
  • Deleting a MAPI account and requesting to "Delete account files" did not clean up all the files
  • Safer way of loading the GROUPS.CFG (GROUPS.EFG) in case this file is damaged or improperly decrypted
  • (#686) If the interface language was set to U.S. English some British English words were still used
  • (#441) Next message group could be not selected upon deletion of a message group
  • Fixed slowdowns in address history
  • Fixed slowdowns in getting messages from MS Exchange servers via extended MAPI

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