The Bat! 6.8.4


  • Drag-and-drop folder targets for copying messages are now stored into the folder history of Copy/Move operations
  • Fixed improper thread handling that might cause a message "Thread creation error: Not enough storage is available to process this command" or other problems
  • (#0684) Clicking a group in freshly imported Google Contacts caused AV error
  • (#0328) Strip attachments option of the "Create formatted message" filter action was ignored when the template was empty
  • (#0454) Postponed messages generated by filters were not shown as postponed in Outbox
  • (#0580) International Domain Names weren't always translated in headers
  • Estonian dictionary was not recognizing words with national (non-ASCII) characters
  • (#0452) Various problems with running automatic re-filtering with scheduler events
  • (#0507) Connection center "always" option didn't work
  • MAPI option didn't show for new accounts
  • Radio buttons weren't translated in 6.8.2
  • Installer did show improper messages about the version 6.8.2

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