The Bat! 7.1.18

New features

  • The “Do not load schedules, notes, posts, tasks, journal, public folders” option in EWS accounts
  • Changes made to personal EWS contacts in The Bat! are now uploaded to the server
  • Editing EWS contact's photo in the local address book updates the photo for personal contacts to the Exchange server
  • X-MANAGER and X-SPOUSE attributes are now imported from vCard, support of vCard with UTF-8 BOM


  • EWS is now more stable while downloading emails from unstable Exchange servers and on poor communication lines
  • The required resources for sorting a large number of emails with copying/moving actions between EWS folders were decreased
  • Changes to an address book entry's display name are now immediately reflected in the message list


  • The "cannot load DLL" issue in EWS accounts on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server has been fixed
  • Issues with extended authentication mechanisms on (e.g. CRAM-MD5, NTLM, etc.) on IMAP have been fixed
  • "Access violation" errors when searching contacts on LDAP servers have been fixed
  • Cases when LDAP host is not found and LDAP connection refused were not properly handled
  • The Folder selection issue for Mail Ticker (all folder names were cut) has been fixed
  • "Access violation" errors in Inbox Analyzer over very large accounts have been fixed
  • EWS fixes: the "cannot import 8000+ contacts from Active Directory" issue, possible error while importing zero-size attachment
  • While importing a vCard 3.0 file, some contacts might have not been imported or imported multiple times
  • Memory leaks while raising email hints in new email window have been fixed
  • Memory leaks when searching on LDAP servers have been fixed
  • Sorting by the "From" column did not work if the option to replace names from the Address Book was on
  • (#0635) Truncated checkbox "Action" and option "Load signal string..." in Sorting Office | Selective download section
  • (#0596) Truncated checkbox "With attachments" in Setup Message List Tab dialog
  • (#0543) Truncated captions in folder maintenance results window
  • (#0637) Truncated strings in the Connection Center
  • (#0404) Truncated string in Mail Retrieval (POP/IMAP) Authentication
  • (#0800) Truncated string in the "Edit Event" window
  • (#0671) Truncated labels and misplaces controls in Exit-Program-Confirmation-Dialog
  • (#0407) Truncated string in Search and Replace dialog
  • (#0799) Truncated strings in the "Remove From Address History" window
  • (#0812) When resolution and display scaling is increased, the text gets unreadable in the address book
  • (#0647) Changes in the Schedule of the Inbox Analyzer are not saved
  • (#0648) Inbox Analyzer does not recognize folder names assigned in the global settings
  • (#0790) Subfolders disappear if their parent folder is changed in the folder properties
  • An access violation error which appeared while saving personal vCard in account properties has been fixed
  • Recipients’ names from the address book are now properly rendered
  • The "Thread creation error: "Not enough storage is available to process this command" and "Handle creation error" errors have been fixed
  • It was not possible to read malformed RSS-feeds with non-Unicode encoding

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