The Bat! 7.3.12


  • Increased speed by using faster string-comparison operations rather than Windows 32 CompareString in places where case-insensitive comparison of national characters wasn't needed
  • Changed Custom Print Page Setup look and feel
  • Changed file name for the Image Download Rules configuration file. It is now ImgDlRules.TXT
  • (#517) Friendly error messages when The Bat! is unable to open an URL
  • Added timing information to the Exchange protocol log


  • (#924) Unusable scroll bars for images in the message preview tabs
  • (#969) Inserting an URL into a marked text deletes the rest of the line
  • Changing Print Template while Print Preview is not instantly reflected on preview
  • Memory leaks fixed for Print and Print Preview processes
  • (#986) Some PNG files were incorrectly rendered in HTML
  • (#970) Color selection palette in table properties is truncated
  • (#907) Tables pasted from Excel cannot be edited
  • (#935) Table resize separator doesn't stop following mouse cursor after a button is released
  • (#909) Umlauts in URLs are encoded wrong with Quoted-Printable in HTML messages
  • Fixed some memory leaks in IMAP filters
  • Fixed a bug that made The Bat! slow in some cases since and slow in MAPI protocol (Exchange) since (in some places, in-memory data search in sorted arrays wasn't actually performed using the binary search algorithm; sequential search was used instead)
  • (#956) Fixed tiny splash screen on high-resolution monitors (large fonts/scaling)
  • (#983) Short strings in proxy settings on high-resolution monitors (large fonts/scaling)
  • Fixed an access violation while rendering 1x1gif on high-resolution monitors (large fonts/scaling)
  • (#973) Disproportionate buttons in Sorting Office action on exporting signatures or certificates on high-resolution monitors (large fonts/scaling)
  • Chinese characters didn't always fit in the configuration dialogs
  • (#931) Missing input fields in folder properties for setting maximum message storing values on high-resolution monitors (large fonts/scaling)
  • (#978) Wrong wrapping of the explanation text for templates in folder properties on high-resolution monitors (large fonts/scaling)
  • (#984) Replying to an HTML with missing external images was very slow since Now, The Bat! does not slow down when replying an HTML message with external images, but also doesn't try to download them when you click "Reply". It only puts those messages to the reply that have been already downloaded before, i.e. when you have viewed this message. If you have configured to not show images when viewing images, the replied message will not have the images.
  • (#916) Address Book did not synchronize with iCloud
  • (#609) MAPI: Cyrillic characters in file names are turned into question marks in the Subject filed of the message when sent from MS Word 2013
  • Messages about unknown errors were too confusing
  • (#382) Incomplete Hint is shown in Inbox Analyzer Window
  • New account window didn't have focus on first run
  • (#912) Image Download Manager rules are not restored from backup
  • IMAP had low performance when browsing messages one-by-one in a folder, when multiple connections were active - it did deselect the folder after getting a message and then SELECT again for next message
  • (#889) Cropped smiley in internal HTML mail viewer
  • (#887) When forwarding several mails to one recipient with the dialog box, the inline graphics arrive as attachments if at all
  • (#445) Image Viewer is very slow on large images, consumes lot of CPU
  • MAPI connections to Exchange might not work sometimes under 64-bits because pointers might have been truncated to 32 bits

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