The Bat! 7.4.2 Christmas Edition


  • (#1073) Smilies were not scaled on high DPI
  • There was no "Synchronize" pop-up menu item for Google address books
  • (#1030) Print Pictures from internal viewer: aspect ratio was not maintained with large pictures
  • (#1031) Print Pictures from internal viewer: large pictures were printed twice
  • (#899) 7.2 (64-bit) Some graphics appeared extraordinarily large in the preview pane
  • (#986) In message preview pane the PNG of a HTML message had black background
  • Fixed an access violation when viewing HTML messages with images (could be reproduced when changing message zoom back and forth by scrolling the mouse wheel), introduced in
  • (#947) Downloaded images into message body were not scaled
  • (#914) 7.2 (64-bit) GIFs were broken in the Preview pane
  • Animated GIFs didn't work in version 7.4

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