The Bat! 8.2


  • New context-aware message header decoder to address the Mailsploit issues. Besides making the header line decoder context aware, we have also made the following checks in the display name part of an address: if it contains an "@" character or any control character (with code less than code of a space character), then such a name part is discarded
  • Some improvements in multi-threaded locking mechanism (32-bit only)
  • Some improvements in handling AVX-512 instructions (64-bit only)


  • (#0000521) Macros did not work in HTML templates (for folder, account, etc) - fixed %- in html template and trailing spaces in HTML
  • (#0001229) Image compression routine was called twice -- Unnecessary delays when saving html message with images to "Outbox"
  • (#0001376) "Tab" in HTML editor deletes the highlighted text
  • (#0001255) CardDAV-Syncronization did not transfer Birthday
  • (#0001256) CardDAV-Syncronization was duplicating email addresses when entry contains more than one email address (tested with
  • (#0001382) Issues synchronizing CardDAV. Server reports error: "HTTP/1.1 501 Request Failed"
  • (#0001384) Synchronization log window of Address book always showed in modal state

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