The Bat! 8.8.9

New features

  • (#0001694) Possibility to change the color of the fonts in Mail Ticker
  • Image Crop in message editor and templates
  • The OAuth window got a label displaying the requested URL


  • (#0001642) "Quick Search" has been expanded to also search in the "Tags" column
  • Slightly faster loading of IMAP messages from folders of 50K messages or more


  • (#0001451) The issue which prevented printing with Landscape orientation has been resolved
  • (#0001592) Opening large images resulted in "Out of memory" error
  • (#0001641) The macro %TEXT produced different results for replies and forwards
  • (#0001653) "Quick Reply" used HTML-formatting instead of plain text
  • (#0001671) Image download button was hidden in some cases
  • (#0001677) Fixed truncated strings in Italian in global Preferences
  • (#0001678) Fixed truncated strings in many languages in the the Multi-SMTP dialog
  • (#0001686) Fixed truncated strings in the Address Book Duplicate Search Wizard
  • (#0001689) Fixed truncated strings in the Message Tags dialog
  • (#0001699) Fixed cascades of "Access Violation" and "Runtime error 231" while replying to not entirely downloaded messages via Ctrl+Enter
  • (#0001700) Images were not shown in the right size in HTML-messages
  • (#0001703) The system's HTML viewer rendered some messages as huge ones
  • (#0001709) Fixed truncated strings in the Greek interface
  • (#0001711) Duplicate accelerators on "Message\...\" menu have been removed
  • (#0001713) Shift+Ctrl+V inserted the text from the clipboard in the "Subject" twice
  • (#0001715) On 4K (UHD) monitors, the Address Book didn't open properly and finally displayed the error message "Out of system resources"
  • (#0001720) User-defined tags were unavailable in the Sorting Office filters
  • (#0001721) Some HTML messages, like those from PayPal, were not entirely rendered by the internal HTML viewer
  • (#0001725) The home and work phone number items were lost from the Address Book contacts after synchronizing with Google Contacts
  • (#0001726) Fixed "Access violation" error message on pasting from MS Excel
  • (#0001739) Embedded images in HTML messages in some cases got narrower while replying
  • (#0001740) Deleted tags still appeared in the message list popup menu
  • (#0001743) iCloud Contacts synchronization did not work
  • Fixed an Access Violation error that could occasionally happen on The Bat! startup when using Google OAuth authentication
  • Resolved the issue of adding non translated tags to tags menu
  • Some minor "Access Violation" errors which could happen on program exit have been resolved

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