The Bat! 9.2.1

Major improvements

  • Toolbars library is reverted to Toolbar 2000 components (GUI became much faster)
  • HTML rendering engine is set to solely Chromium (CEF library v83.3)

New features

  • Offline Mode (menu item "Options\Work Offline") and detection of the absence of the Internet connection to avoid useless mailbox checking attempts
  • Automatically generated colors are used for different email addresses in the Summary View


  • Message List and Folder Tree Tabs can be handled using the mouse wheel (scrolling, pressing and tilting)
  • Changes in message's memo are automatically saved
  • By default the newly created IMAP folders are added to the Mail Ticker's watch list
  • Messages with the empty "To:" fields are saved as draft instead of trying to send them
  • Changes in the appearance of the items in the message list and account/folder tree view
  • Added the option for the "old style" tree views and row density under "Options\Preferences\Other options"
  • Loading of the external media for HTML messages (to be extended) can be configured under the menu "Options\Preferences\Viewer/Editor\HTML Viewer"
  • (#0002014) Better automatic recognition of URLs with matching brackets
  • (#0002017) The "Select/Deselect" buttons for folders have been reorganized in the Message Finder (F7) window
  • Changes in the program's default layout for the first time run


  • Applying the left alignment by Alt+L in the MicroEd plain text editor called out the system's warning sound
  • The Escape key did not close the Address Book window
  • Quick Search was not activated by typing in the message list
  • HTML viewer popup menu was improperly positioned on high DPI
  • SmartSpace Reading is now working in any kind of text viewer
  • (#0001761) The issue which caused cascading error messages when replying to a message still being downloaded has been resolved
  • (#0001832) Inactive Internal PGP implementation was displayed in the list of available PGP engines
  • (#0001837) An Access Violation error message appeared in the Address History after deselecting folders for scanning
  • (#0001844) On the profile layout settings page the text was not displayed until a profile was manually selected
  • (#0001934) Buttons on the preview pane's header were too wide
  • (#0001961) Memo Autoview visibility is now maintained between sessions
  • (#0001967) Memo editor does not close when repeatedly pressing Shift+Ctrl+I
  • (#0002006) Message list tabs were not restored from Backup
  • (#0002021) Icons of the program's additional windows were not displayed
  • (#0002025) Unnecessarily deep nesting for the "Format\...\" color settings in the message editor has been eliminated
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication was not working for Mail.Ru
  • No default address book was created on the first start of the program
  • Superfluous empty spaces in the main window of the program appeared after restoring the data from the Home directory
  • Checkboxes on accounts' selection on restoring from Home folder were missing
  • The window for "Create New Account" appeared in the background and wasn't noticeable to the user

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