The Bat! 9.2.3

New features

  • New option to use "soft" line wrapping in MicroEd to make it behave like Windows Editor, so the text produced can be read easier on mobile devices
  • Support for plain text with format=flowed in viewer
  • OAUTH support for and Yandex


  • Default protocol for new accounts uses IMAP4
  • New look-and-feel of link tooltips to fix problems with their display


  • "Message\Open reply" was broken
  • Fix message length calculation for some DPIs/scales to fix SmartSpace reading problems
  • (#0001695) Some HTML messages could be displayed broken
  • (#0000016) Separate message list viewer was closing when an an empty folder was selected
  • (#0000186) URL in first line of clear-text PGP encrypted messages might be hidden after decryption (use of clear-text PGP is discouraged, but here we go)
  • (#0002039) GnuPG signing passphrase was not cached

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