The Bat! v9.3

New features

  • Interface Themes


  • Smoother loading of HTML messages
  • Message preview: redesigned search panel inside the preview pane
  • Re-filter window can now be resized and sent to background
  • HTML editor stores the selected theme style only if the editor's option "Include current profile's layout into HTML messages" is on


  • Toolbar/menu settings were not stored/restored completely
  • Error when the user tried to create a new address book
  • Large and zero-length body HTML messages could be rendered using previously viewed HTML contents
  • Lots of cosmetic fixes for setting defaults and first-time run
  • Default icon for utility windows was not set to the app's main icon
  • Message import from Mozilla Thunderbird was not working
  • Fixes for color and font saving in HTML messages
  • Changes to Color Groups made in a dark theme were not saved
  • Preview pane changes color properly when interface theme is changed
  • Information panel didn’t change color when theme was changed (when the actual info panel was closed)

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