The Bat! 9.3.4

New features

  • New %Account* macros
  • (#0002099) New macro %CLIPBOARD="..." to change clipboard contents (works like the %SetCLIPBOARD="..." macro)


  • Exception logging is restored, the maximum size of the log file is set to 500 KB
  • MAPI protocol is removed from the New Account dialog


  • (#002107) The Delete key was not functional for message undelete when browsing deleted messages
  • The issue that caused possible crash when messages were containing empty/missing attachments is resolved
  • The "OK" button was not functional in the "No plug-ins with learning facilities installed" warning
  • Opening some malformed links from HTML viewer could cause Access Violation errors
  • Print messages was using light colors under a dark theme
  • Mail Ticker did not update when an account was deleted
  • (#002103) The problem that caused an empty favorites list of the “New message” command is resolved
  • Creating of a scheduled event in the Sorting Office caused an Access Violation error
  • "View messaging history" command from the Address Book did not focus on the address in the address history pane

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