The Bat! v9.4

New features

  • New HTML Editor
  • Automatic message format switch from plain text to HTML when a style is used or a picture is inserted
  • New option to edit HTML code in the editor in the “Utilities -> Edit HTML source code” menu
  • New HTML Table properties dialog
  • Snooze function for MailTicker messages
  • The "Reset position" button in the settings of MailTicker
  • Explicit option to export messages using UTF-8 in the Sorting Office
  • New option "Display HTML-related message parts as attachments" for the message viewer
  • %CHARSET="...." macro for text message export in the Sorting Office
  • %Replace( pattern, replaceWith, text ) macro to automatically replace all occurrences of with in the
  • %ReplaceRegExp( patternRegExp, replaceWith, text [, subPattNo] ) macro to automatically replace all occurrences matching with with in the is an optional parameter specifying the exact subpattern to be replaced
  • %REGEXP( pattern, sample, subPatternNo ) macro for simplified substitution on %SetPattRegexp=...%RegexpBlindMatch=...%SubPatt=... combination
  • (#000825) %SOURCE or %SOURCE=Charset macro to include original message source (using optional character set) into the text


  • The focus now moves to the first occurrence when using the “Find” command in the HTML viewer
  • The “Message -> Test filters” command is available again in the message list popup menu
  • The "Change protocol" button is removed from the account settings
  • The quoted text in sent HTML-messages is now stored within blockquote tags in the source code
  • UTF-8 is now the default character set for text message export filter action
  • Files with .MSG and .EML extensions are now treated as message/RFC822 ignoring declared MIME type
  • “Insert Smiley” is replaced by “Insert Emoji”


  • Draft flag was not set when a non-draft message was open from the “Outbox” folder
  • Quick reply's “Send” button was active without a text ready to be sent
  • Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcuts could not be used from Quick Reply until first editor's popup menu appearance
  • Unexpected search box was sometimes visible in an attached message viewer
  • Text in the “About” window was not displayed under some themes
  • Closing the app while a picture viewer was open caused Access Violation errors
  • (#002118) Access Violation errors when a message was printed by a filter action were fixed
  • Loading of HTML was optimized to prevent eventual viewer crashes

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