The Bat! v9.4.3

New features

  • Option for minimum font size in the HTML viewer
  • HTML message background settings are now functional
  • The ability to edit HTML source code is now available in the Utilities menu in the templates (F9)
  • Image Download Manager for downloading images from external resources
  • The "Clear Cache" button and the current cache size information at the HTML Viewer settings page
  • The "Authorization code" input for OAUTH login using system web browser

  • Chromium Engine (CEF) updated to v91.1
  • Images referenced by https/http links remain intact after saving
  • Automatic follow-up when replying from a "Sent Mail" folder
  • Better URL detection and wrapping in the HTML editor

  • %CLEAR macro was not effective in HTML Quick Templates
  • "Paste as plain text" was adding extra paragraphs
  • Error message when switching between HTML and plain text formats in the editor window
  • Opening a URL from an HTML message might have caused crash
  • Some non-ASCII characters could be lost when quoted in the HTML editor
  • Access Violation error when trying to insert Quick Templates using Ctrl+Space in HTML
  • Color combo box was not displayed properly with High DPI modes
  • HTML messages could be displayed without embedded images in other email clients
  • "Interface not supported" error on some Windows 7 systems
  • Keyboard shortcuts from local popup menu in the HTML editor were not active
  • "Ignore" was not working in HTML editor spell checker
  • Forwarding HTML messages with non-ASCII characters works properly now
  • (#02144) Clicking internal links was not working
  • HTML code was inserted in the text when forwarding HTML messages
  • Original text was quoted when the "Edit as new" command was used
  • The issue with non-breaking space characters in the HTML editor was fixed
  • Issues with words' deletion/replacement in HTML editor have been resolved
  • Username + password input will no longer appear for accounts with OAUTH authentication

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