The Bat! v9.4.4

New features

  • Always show the Download button" option for HTML viewer
  • "Re-download images" command in the Image Download drop-down of the HTML viewer
  • Quick rule creation for the Image Download Manager


  • Better names for options for external resource download
  • Prevent entering invalid font names using font drop-down
  • Reduce flicker when downloading images explicitly


  • Manual spell checking was checking words from quotation in the HTML editor
  • Misspellings were not highlighted at the HTML editor startup
  • Address Book command "View messaging history with this person" did not activate the main window
  • Spell checker in the HTML editor was not immediately invoked
  • Current selection was cleared upon right clicking in the HTML editor
  • Paste HTML as quotation was adding extra text at the start
  • Images dropped into HTML messages were embedded with a wrong content type ID
  • Some HTML messages could cause AV errors when forwarded
  • Manual spell checker could freeze at the last misspelled word

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