The Bat! v9.4.5 Halloween Edition

New features

  • New options for folder re-filtering: current folder only, current folder and its subfolders and a custom folder set
  • (#002094) It is now possible to reply to all with a Quick Template from a dropdown menu of the toolbar button
  • List-Id header is now included into standard message headers list


  • Updated Root CA certificate list to prevent errors with Let's Encrypt certificates used for TLS connections
  • Images inserted from clipboard into HTML messages had generic content type
  • Empty lines from plain text were pasted as zero-height paragraphs
  • Folder re-filtering with an existing profile was not selecting the right profile when started from a menu/hotkey
  • Modifications of HTML source in the template editor could be lost when no other changes were performed
  • Embedded images copied from HTML messages and pasted into the HTML message editor could be empty
  • Username is now used for OAUTH instead of the “From” address
  • S/MIME (.p7m) attachments are now displayed properly

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