The Bat! v10.0

New features

  • Calendar functionality
  • Completely redesigned Address Book
  • New component-based update system that allows installing updated components without the need of downloading entire installation packages
  • Birthday event is added to the calendar after setting new birth date for a contact
  • /OFFLINE and /ONLINE command line parameters to start/switch The Bat! into offline/online mode on start or while it's running
  • Read/Unread label in the Summary column


  • User pictures are now round instead of rectangle in the Summary View
  • Summary Column layout changed
  • CEF was updated to v99.2.14
  • Ctrl+Y now works as Redo in both HTML and MicroEd editors


  • Customized toolbars and menus could misplace buttons
  • Archive password was shown in the scheduler's backup action listing
  • Automatic list generation in HTML is now switched off (will be made optional in the future)
  • Automatic switching into HTML editor by using text formatting was working incorrectly when multiple paragraphs were selected

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