The Bat! v10.2

Major improvements

  • Google OAUTH is now performed via localhost Redirect URI as OOB redirection is going to be disabled by Google

New features

  • RichText editor as a simpler to use HTML editor


  • Update CEF to v103
  • Crop function in the HTML editor moved to a dialog window
  • "Print" command was added to the contact's context menu
  • Now it is possible to define default address book in the new interface
  • "Select All" (Ctrl+A) command is now added for contacts list
  • Nickname field in contact properties is available in the new address book interface
  • New address book interface remembers last selected address book
  • Address group properties shows total number of contacts in this group


  • Many fixes in the HTML editor (now PureHTML)
  • Template could be inactivate in Pure HTML editor
  • The issue when address book list in external addition dialog couldn't be scrolled has been resolved
  • Old address book interface now properly updates after adding a new address group in the new interface
  • Rare crash after interface theme switch while new address book was open has been fixed
  • String overlap in contact properties selection popup is now fixed
  • Common quick templates are now selectable in mass-mailing dialog

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