The Bat! v10.4

New features

  • Calendar Manager
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar
  • List of recently created/modified files and source folders in the drop-down of the "Attach a file" button in the message editor window


  • /NoDirectX command line parameter to disable the usage of DirectX in PureHTML editor


  • In certain cases, the new interface toolbars were not saved on exiting the program
  • The font size is now preserved when replying to an HTML-message
  • Pressing the Tab key in the message text area now works as expected
  • Replying to an email using the PureHTML format caused infinite Access Violation error messages
  • Wrong email addresses were inserted as additional emails in a contact's properties
  • It was impossible to delete secondary email address in a contact's properties
  • In was not possible to overwrite any email address in a contact's properties
  • The sorting of contacts in the new address book interface was wrong
  • Zoom in/out buttons in plain text switched the message format to PureHTML
  • "Zoom in" in the message editor did not enlarge the row height
  • The path for the Synchronize operation required a trailing backslash for the operation to start
  • Issues with Calculate command in HTML editors were fixed
  • Some iCalendar files could cause AV errors
  • Alt+Insert (Paste as quotation) was not working properly in both HTML editors
  • Weekly/daily repeating events were starting one day later
  • Time zone issues when importing from iCalendar files
  • Images copied from MS Word were not pasted properly in HTML editors
  • Automatic replies were losing the original HTML formatting
  • It was impossible to deselect text in the PureHTML editor
  • The issue which caused the Access Violation and "A component named FolderEditor already exists" error messages on opening folder properties has been resolved
  • Missing indication on the current message format - plain text or HTML
  • "Paste as plain text" doesn't work both in RichText and in PureHTML
  • "Invalid image. Error" upon replying to messages with certain image files
  • RichText includes the background color in HTML-messages depending on the interface theme

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