The Bat! v11.0.4


  • Click on the signature status in the Conversation View invokes manual signature check
  • "View Source" in IMAP4 accounts downloads the messages into the local cache now


  • Quick Reply in the Conversation View was using a Quick Template if any existed instead of the actual text
  • Common virtual folders ignored the disabled option "Use cross-folder threading" and continued to display full conversation threads
  • The sender's address could not be copied from the header pane in the conversation thread view
  • The attachments' Download/Save button invoked the wrong "Save to a Folder" action
  • The issue which caused irrelevant messages to be displayed in address history for a given entry in the Conversation View has been resolved
  • Ctrl+mouse wheel or Ctrl+ + did not increase/decrease the text in Plain Text messages
  • Simple MAPI was not functional since v10.5
  • Message auto-view pane turned blank when the Window Split Mode (Conversation View) was changed
  • Sorting Office PGP signing action not functioning properly
  • The issue which caused the "Invalid image. Error -2003292287" error message to appear when replying to an HTML-message using PureHTML has been resolved
  • The problem causing the "Abstract error" when replying to an HTML-message is fixed
  • Certain XLS attachments could not be properly parsed and displayed garbled contents in the attachment preview
  • After sending a quick reply the respective text was still shown in the Quick Reply pane (Conversation view)
  • "Shift+Ctrl+K did not work in the classic message preview pane

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