Tips and Tricks

The Bat! Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (hot keys) are combinations of keys that allow fast access to those menu functions you use more often and make it easier to navigate through the interface.

There are three main types of keyboard shortcuts in The Bat!:
  1. System hot keys are available from any program, if The Bat! is running. You can assign any valid key combinations, including various combinations of Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys. These hot keys can be changed in the menu Options -> Preferences -> System Hot Keys

    To modify/assign a hot key for a function do the following:
    1. Double-click on the function you want to assign a hot key
    2. In the dialog box type the required key combination

  2. The internal hot keys for the main menu items and buttons on the toolbar. You can change them in the menu Workspace -> Toolbars -> Customize... To change the hotkey, double click on the item in the list and type the required combination in the dialog box.

  3. Hot keys for the sorting rules. You can assign hot keys for the filters to invoke them manually.

    To assign a hot key for a filter do the following:
    1. Open Sorting Office/Filters (Menu -> Account)
    2. Select the filter you want to assign a hot key
    3. In the Options tab put a tick next to 'Execute actions of this filter by pressing this Hot Key'
    4. Type the required key combination

    Hot keys can also be seen next to the menu items of the program.
Please note the rules of using shortcuts:
  • You cannot assign a single-letter shortcut for the main menu of the main window - otherwise, you won't be able to type the letter in the message editor and other non-modal windows
  • You cannot assign the same shortcut to different commands in the same menu
  • Local pop-up menu shortcuts are functional only within the control where the menu belongs to
  • Local menu shortcuts have higher priority than the main menu shortcuts
  • Shortcuts defined for the main menu of the main window can be used in any non-modal window of The Bat! if they are not overridden by Window's own shortcuts
List of The Bat! Hot Keys:
Hot Key Action
General Hot Keys
Alt+X Quit The Bat!
Esc Close active window
Invoking Tools
F8 Address Book
F7 Message Finder
F6 SmartBat
Alt+F11 Scheduler
Shift+Ctrl+Q Quick Templates
Shift+Ctrl+S Sorting Office/Filters
Working with Messages
Ctrl+N Create new message
Ctrl+F5, Ctrl+Enter Reply
Shift+Ctrl+F5 Reply to all
Shift+F5, Ctrl+O Forward
Shift+F6 Resend
Ctrl+F6, Ctrl+E Redirect
Alt+F5, Ctrl+S Save to file
Alt+F6 Edit as new
F4 Reply quoting selected text
Shift+F4 Reply without quotation
Ctrl+F4 Reply to the sender
Shift+Alt+F5 Alternative Forward
F9 View Source
Ctrl+Alt+Right Move to next unread
Ctrl+Alt+Left Move to previous unread
Alt+Right Move to next viewed
Alt+Left Move to previous viewed
Enter Open message in new window
Ctrl+C Copy message to folder
Ctrl+V Move message to folder
Del Delete message
Ctrl+U Mark as unread
Ctrl+M Mark as read
Ctrl+J Park
Ctrl+Alt+J Unpark
Ctrl+G Flag
Ctrl+P Print message
Ctrl+A Select all messages
Ctrl+W Add sender to Address Book
Shift+Ctrl+W Add recipient to Address Book
Ctrl+B Delete sender from Address Book
Shift+Ctrl+B Delete recipient from Address Book
Ctrl+BkSp Open reply
Shift+Ctrl+F Create filter
Shift+Ctrl+C Verify signature
Shift+Ctrl+D Decipher
Shift+Ctrl+G Decipher and save
Ctrl+T Copy thread
Shift+Ctrl+V Move thread
Shift+Ctrl+Del Delete thread
Shift+Ctrl+M Mark thread as read
Shift+Ctrl+U Mark thread as unread
Using the Account
F2 Get new mail
Shift+F2 Send queued mail
Ctrl+F12 Set access password
Shift+Ctrl+A View Log
Ctrl+F9 Refresh folder list
Ctrl+F2 Dispatch new messages
Sift+Ctrl+F2 Dispatch all messages
Shift+Ctrl+S Sorting Office/Filter settings
Shift+Ctrl+P Account properties
Shift+Ctrl+Q Quick Templates
Working with the Folder Tree
Alt+Enter Folder properties
Ctrl+M Mark all messages as read
Shift+Ctrl+Up Move up
Shift+Ctrl+Down Move down
Shift+Ctrl+Right Move in
Shift+Ctrl+Left Move out
Ctrl+R Refresh message list
Ctrl+F Refulter messages
Ctrl+D Delete message duplicates
Ctrl+B Browse deleted messages
Ctrl+C Purge+Compact
Ins Create new folder
Alt+Ins Create new common folder
Del Delete folder
Message Editor Hot Keys
Ctrl+Enter Send message
Alt+F2 Save message as draft
Ctrl+S Save message and continue editing
Ctrl+F2 Save message as…
Shift+F2 Put message in queue
Ctrl+P Print message
Ctrl+C Copy text to clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut text to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste text from clipboard
Ctrl+A Select all
Alt+Ins Paste as quote
Shift+Ctrl+Ins Paste with formatting
Ctrl+F Find text
Ctrl+F7 Find and replace
F3 Continue search or replace
Alt+F7 Reverse search
Ctlr+[ Upper case
Ctrl+] Lower case
Ctrl+\ Invert case
Ctrl+/ Capitalise
Shift+Ctrl+= Calculate
Ctrl+= Search address (forward)
Ctrl+Space Insert quick template
Shift+Ctrl+F AutoFormat
Shift+Ctrl+W AutoWrap
Shift+Ctrl+J Justify on autowrap
Alt+L Left alignment
Alt+C Center alignment
Alt+R Right alignment
Alt+J Justify
Ctrl+F4 Automatic spell checking
F4 Check entire text
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+Q D Insert current date
Ctrl+Q T Insert current time
Ctrl+[ Convert current word to upper case
Ctrl+] Convert current word to lower case
Esc Cancel
Other Hot Keys
F1 Help
Alt+F1 About