Tips and Tricks

Address Book - 5 Ways of Adding Contacts

The Address Book contains your contact list. You can group them in order to classify, or to use them for mailing lists (by sending messages to every contact of a group).

In The Bat! there are several ways to add a contact to the Address Book:
  1. Create a New Contact in the Address Book: For accessing Address Book, you need to click its icon on the main window toolbar:

    It can also be opened through Tools -> Address Book or by pressing the F8 hotkey:

    To create a new contact in the Address Book itself, you need to right-click on the book that you want to use and to select "New Contact" in the pop-up menu:

    You can also create a new contact, by clicking the corresponding icon on the toolbar or by using the Alt + T hotkey:

  2. Add Contact from Message: This can be done by right-clicking any mailto: link in the message body and by choosing "Add to Address Book" from the pop-up menu:

    If you are writing a new message, you can click the button with a right arrow, after filling in the To: field. The address from this field will be added to the Address Book:

    While viewing a message in a separate window, you can add a contact to the Address Book through Specials -> Add Sender/Recipient to Address book:

  3. Add a Contact from the Message List. After right-clicking a message in the message list select Specials -> Add Sender/Recipient to Address book from the pop-up menu or use the hotkeys Ctrl + W (sender) or Shift + Ctrl + W (recipient):

    You can also add a contact from the program's main menu. Select a message from the message list and choose Specials -> Add Sender/Recipient to Address book in the main menu:

  4. Import and Export Contacts. The Bat! Address Book offers you a wide range of formats for exporting and importing contacts – Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook address books, vCards, address books from previous versions of The Bat!, etc. Recently, the developers added Export and Import from/to Google Contacts. In order to export/import contacts, you need to access the Address Book, select "Export to…" or "Import from…" in the File section of the menu, and choose the desired format from the pop-up list:

  5. Add Contacts Using Sorting Office. The Bat! filters allow for adding or removing the Address Book contacts. While editing a Sorting Office rule, add "Capture addresses" or "Delete addresses from address book" action: