Tips and Tricks

Menu Navigator

The Menu Navigator is one of The Bat!'s many powerful features that allows you to travel to a required menu item, even though you may have forgotten where it is!

So, let's start at the beginning. You can both enable and disable the Menu Navigator under Options -> Preferences -> General –> Display Menu Navigator button: 

As soon as you enable it an icon on the toolbar will appear: . This is the Menu Navigator.

Here is an example: you have received an encrypted message, and a long time ago in one of the menus you came across the "decrypt" menu, but now you can't remember where it was located. But you have got a clue – the word "decrypt". What is your next step? Naturally, you click on the icon, the Menu navigator opens up and you type in "decrypt". Instantly, a list of menus where the typed-in characters can be found appears:

Select the required menu, and Menu Navigator will show you where it is. Actions performed by the "Navigate" and "Execute" commands are intuitively obvious.