Mission statement

Who We Are

Ritlabs, SRL is a company specializing in the development of the most secure email programs. We are the company that considers email to be the main and most important communication tool. Our commercial email programs secure users' correspondence and empower them to handle large amounts of emails quickly and efficiently.

What We Do

Our products are designed to inspire and delight people.

Since 1998 we have been developing programs that improve email experience making it more secure and efficient. Our products are the email client The Bat!, its portable version The Bat! Voyager and BatPost mail server.

With our programs, we want to make it simpler and faster for people to manage their email correspondence. We improve end user productivity by implementing unique features; the ones that help not only filter but also compose emails effectively.

We recognize how important it is to protect information transmitted via email and continuously work on making our products even more secure. Our programs allow working without using Web interfaces and global email providers that store messages in the cloud.

How We Differ

Our greatest assets are the trust and loyalty of our customers and the dedication of our employees. We are always gathering feedback from our customers and focus on the quality of our technical support. Our commitment to delivering the best user experience helps us be well informed about the customers' needs and continuously improve the quality of our products to maintain our company's competitive ability.

Being a small independent company, we are flexible and adapt to an ever changing environment, quickly making decisions which helps us achieve long-term profitability.

What Purpose We Serve

We help our customers achieve two main strategic objectives – to deal with the information overload and to ensure security of the information sent via the Internet.

When people are contacted via numerous means of communication at once and have to urgently react to some of them, they get stressed out and frustrated. This hinders thinking and affects productivity. In today’s informational chaos, no software company can completely combat informational overload. To prevent stress people should choose one communication channel, namely email. We believe that email is the most effective means of communication and design our programs to help users better organize their personal and business email correspondence. Choosing our products, customers benefit from secure data storage and are able to ensure the privacy of correspondence.

We take great care to be a stable, reliable and predictable partner for the companies that distribute and deploy our products to end users. Sustained interest in our programs ensures stable profit for partners.

For Whom We Work

We develop programs for email users around the world who value their time and security. Our customers include government and educational institutions, commercial and nonprofit organizations as well as private users.

We always treat our customers, partners, and suppliers as we personally would like to be treated.

Our income is one of the main indicators of how efficiently we are satisfying the needs of our customers and the aspirations of our staff. Profit allows our company to continue and to improve development, creating the best programs that delight users, to offer our employees excellent opportunities in remuneration and to meet all obligations to vendors and to the state. Maximizing profits ensures an increase of company’s value for its owners and job security for its staff.

We encourage the individual growth potential of our employees. All team members have the possibility to improve productivity and to grow professionally, enjoying the fruits of their labor. We set challenging tasks, claim high quality results and do not tolerate mediocrity. We are demanding but fair. We are always guided by the principle of fair wages for labor and strictly respect the rights of our employees. Staff members are proud to be part of Ritlabs, SRL, a company that develops an IT brand known across the world: We now have customers in 191 different countries.

Our partners are the companies that deliver and deploy our programs to end users. They value our company for being stable, predictable and responsible in documents handling. We always recognize and fulfill our obligations and demand the same from the partners.

What We Aspire to

Both now and in the future, our programs should be of real value to users, save them time and prevent stress. To ensure customer satisfaction, we will maintain a high quality of customer support and continually improve our products. We aspire to become the world leader in developing email communication products – best in customer support and best to work for. We aim to ensure that users of any devices (mobile phones, tablets, portable and desktop computers with any operating system) pay for the most useful programs that bring them joy and improve the quality of their life.