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POP server returning too few emails to the Bat with STAT command, Using Telnet, POP3 server returns 22 messages. The Bat only gets a message that 15 messages are there.
the Bat just stopped working correctly for me on Friday... but nothing has been changed in it or at my ISP (so they say).

The Bat does not download every message available on the POP3 server, no matter what i tell it to do. Friday it wouldn't download 3 messages. And now, a total of 7 message.

It doesn't see 7 of the 22 messages that are on the server. The reason I noticed is that I use webmail as well as the Bat, and more messages are showing up in the webmail client than the Bat. This has never happened before - at least until Friday.

I finally ran a telnet session to my server to check that it's working. It responds to the STAT command with 22 messages waiting. The Bat's log only shows 15 messages. These two queries were run on the same account, same server within seconds of each other.

+OK 22 310847

The Bat log:
[20:37:37] C: STAT
[20:37:38] S: +OK 15 246239

I've re-created the account and tried again without luck. I've also tried using the Account->Dispatch Mail->All Mail which only shows 15 messages on the server too.

Anyone else seen anything like this? It's driving me mad, and to the point where I'm wondering whether I can trust the Bat with my email any more.


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