Posting Rules, The Guidelines For Participation in This Forum

This forum is aimed to facilitate the discussion of The Bat!-related issues between the users of The Bat!

In this forum, the users of The Bat! can communicate with each other to spread their positive attitude toward The Bat!, to share the experience in attaining different goals using The Bat!

This forum has policies regarding participation, presented in these Posting Rules.

While this forum is is intended as a place for open discussion among The Bat! users, Ritlabs retains the exclusive right at its sole discretion to remove content or to ban any member from for any reason, including, but not limited to, failure to abide by these Posting Rules, or any instructions Ritlabs.

Ritlabs may appoint specific employees to be engaged in monitoring activity within the forum. These moderators are authorized to respond in the event that the Terms of Use or Posting Rules are violated. This may include, but is not necessarily limited to, a warning to a member, the removal of certain content, or the whole topic, or the banning of a member from the site.

Posting rules
  • Do not post the messages addressed to the developers of The Bat! or Ritlabs staff. You can contact Ritlabs by asking a question at the support center.
  • Do not discuss bugs in The Bat! Please address your bug reports to the support center.
  • Do not discuss beta versions of The Bat! Beta versions evolve rapidly and the issue you are rising can already expire at a time of writing. There is a special discussion list for beta testers where they discuss the beta versions of The Bat! You can subscribe to this list by sending a message to
  • Do not spam. Spam includes, but is not limited to: automated, unsolicited posting of irrelevant advertisements.
  • Posts detailing a specific transaction, including, but not limited to, details of ordering The Bat! registration, may promptly removed. For any questions or concerns regarding a particular transaction, please contact Ritlabs directly via the support center.