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Waiting for Dispatcher..., hangs when POPping Yahoo mail account
I use the Mail Dispatcher to POP my Yahoo mail (Canadian + German) accounts. Sometimes the Connection Center hangs on "Waiting for Dispatcher" until the connection gets cut after a while and I see this in the log:

"FETCH - Connection to host broken (last commands sent were: "NOOP", "NOOP")"

I can't replicate a pattern for this. Sometimes the problem is resolved after I log in to that Yahoo mail account on the web. But I currently have a case where it doesn't help. It just keeps hanging.

I restarted The Bat! several times, rebooted, but nothing seems to help. I also just updated from the last 5x-version to the newest 6.0.2 hoping it would help. But it didn't.

Does anybody have an idea what might be at work here? What I could try or change? I'd be happy to provide more info if I can.
(Please don't suggest I shouldn't use the Mail Dispatcher or POP. I have my reasons to do so.)
Thank you very much in advance!
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