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New message, or replying, stops The Bat!, Creating a new message, or replying to a message, puts The Bat! on hold.
Yesterday I upgraded The Bat! from v.5 to v.6.

After installation the program opened just like it should. But, when I decided to reply to a message something weird happened. The reply-window opened fine, but I could not enter anything in the Subject-filed nor in the text editor.
The window was put on "hold" and there was nothing to do.
I could access the menu, but could not change anything.
When I closed the window I was asked to save the message, but what was there to save? I had no chance to write anything.

So, today I unistalled v.6 and then reinstalled v.5.
No problem, except that when I started the "old" version it was v.6 running again. Though it was unistalled!!

I need help as I and my business needs to be able to communicate with my clients.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Thanks for any help on how to go on!
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