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Some questions about import/export emails and storage format
I grouped all my emails in a tree of folders.

1.) Can I export only a sub folder tree of messages or is export only possible for ALL emails of an account?
I miss a context menu entry of a message folder "export tree"?

2.) How (in which format) does TheBat store the messages (not the exported but the mail working messages set)?

3.) Can I switch later/afterwards between EML and MSG and MBOX?

4.) In general I store my emails WITH attachments in the folder tree.
However after a while the attachments are not so important any more.
Can I strip somehow the attachments but keep the actual email body?

5.) Can I strip only attachments for message folder tree beginning with "project1\foobar\"?

6.) Can I import meanwhile a folder tree of *.MSGs files or is only import from a flat folder possible?

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