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Mail stays in Outbox and another issue
I've been using Bat for ages. Currently I am facing two problems with configuration of my new mail account.
(1) e-mail remain in 'outbox' after being sent. This is weird and confusing.
(2) when sending I am popped up with 'Unknown CA Certificate'--'The server didn't provide a root certificate during the session, and there is no corresponding root certificate in your address book. This connection may not be Secure. Please contact the server administrator.' There are two buttons--'view certificate' and 'add to trusted' but none of them is active. Then--at the bottom of the window--there's a 'Continue anyway?' and 'Ok' and 'Cancel'. If I press 'ok', then the e-mail gets out.
Could you please help me out with this? This clearly related to settings but I have no idea what's wrong. I've been using Bat with many accounts in past and never experienced this sort of problems.
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