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Quick filtering using quick search
When I try to filter messages using Quick search toolbar, I do the following:
1. Click in Quicksearch
2. Type some text
3. Hit Enter
...and I get my current message list filtered

However, let's say I am not happy with results. I click the Quicksearch again, repeat same steps, but Bat only re-filters the previous list, and not the whole list of messages.
For example, I filter by "john", then I click the Quicksearch again, type "jones", net result is (john AND jones), while I want it to completely ignore the previous "john" filter.
I remember, when I was doing that on older version (I think 3 or 4), it would filter the whole message list, and not the one that was previously filtered. Or I got my memory all wrong:)
Is there some option which defines this behaviour?
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