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Request for .ICS file support
I  want to add yet one more request for calendar support.  

I've been a The Bat! user for about 9 years now (and still considered a "beginner" on this forum!) and have promoted it among friends and acquaintances for many of those years.  The frustration of not being able to import calendar events sent to me caused me to move to Thunderbird about six months ago.  I found many things to like about Thunderbird, especially its ability to integrate Google Calendar.

There were other features that were wonderful, but some lacking, also.

I have temporarily returned to The Bat! because I found a bug in Thunderbird's editor that causes odd changes to the font while typing replies.  Apparently it has been a lingering bug for many years with no fix.

So, I have returned.  But I'm afraid that I may have to go to "the dark side" and shift to Outlook if there is nothing that can be done about calendar invitations.  They are becoming increasingly important in my work and I need to find a way to deal with it.

Please find a way to add calendar invitation support to The Bat!  I and many others would be very grateful
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