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PGP decryption problem, Strange behaviour on attempt to decrypt
Can someone help solve a PGP decryption issue, please?

I have the latest TB installed. The latest Gpg4win also. Options - PGP - Preference - Files - GNU PGP External Key Manager is pointed to [same partition as TB]:\GNU\GnuPG\pub\gpg2.exe.

Both my key and my correspondent's key are marked trusted and signed by me.

I can decrypt in the normal way an encrypted email sent to me by my correspondent. However, whenever I try to decrypt an email sent BY him to me, TB refuses to decrypt on screen, and instead offers to Save as Attachment, which I would rather not do.

If I try to reply, it offers me the encrypted text of the email sent to me, without decrypting it first.

I would be grateful for any suggestions!
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