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Unread message count incorrect
Bat 7.4.16 x64, Chrome 58.0.3029.110 x 64 Windoze 10 Pro X 64 v. 1703.  Bat imap with Gmail.

Couple of quick questions if I may?

1.  View in Inbox in Bat1 to show unread only, message count varies considerably with that in Gmail showing unread only as well.  I use Gmail web interface.

2. Some bodies of received messages do not load, although these load in Gmail.  Or if the bodies doi load, they are slow to load.  Does bat get these from Gmail on demand?  

3.  How do I make "Unread Messages"  default view in Inbox (not concerned with other labels re this.)?

4.  I have "Threaded View" turned on.  Sent messages do not appear in the sent folder.  Is this normal?

5.  Something else - can't remember LOL!

Thanks in advance!
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