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Gmail - sending message keep it in drafts/sent
Strange things happen when I'm trying to send a message from gmail account to the same gmail account.
While typing, the email will be automatically saved in Drafts (bound to The Bat's Outbox) folder. When I'm done, I click send and the message is moved to Sent folder but it doesn't arrive into Inbox.

After logging in on gmails website I see e-mail in both sent *and* drafts folder but not in inbox.
The strangest thing is that if I click the message in "Sent" folder in the website, it opens up "new message" box with message body from the Drafts folder (all other emails would simply open a new window with whole conversation).

NB: I have autosave in drafts folder -- could that be related?
NB2: I have configured Outbox folder to be [Gmail]/Drafts
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