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Folder/Account Tree Sorting, How does it work?
I am trying to sort my folders.

I find the pop up account/Folder sorting windows to be VERY Confusing.

Can someone provide an explanation of EXACTLY what each selection box on the left side of the window does?
They are:
Items at the current level
Sub-Items of the current item
Folders of the current account
Account and common folders
Accounts only
Common Folders Only

Let me explain what I find confusing so you can decide how to answer.

I have folders and sub folder in my accounts.

I want to Sort the Subfolders under one Folder in one Account.
Jason <----- Account
  Vendors <------ Folder
      Vendor 1 <------ Sub Folder
      Vendor 2 <------ Sub Folder
      Vendor 3 <------ Sub Folder

I want to sort ONLY the Vendor 1, Vendor 2, Vendor 3 set of folders.

I click on "Vendors" then I have to click on "Name" way up at the top of the Account Tree to get he sorting windows. My first issue is that now I don't know if the sorting window is going to be working on the "Vendors" folder OR the WHOLE Account/Folder tree.

Next, When I select "Items at the current level", is it referring the whole tree? (since I clicked "name" at the top) or is it referring to the "Vendors" folder I have highlighted?

When looking at Sub-items of the current item, what is it referring to? Does this REALLY mean "Sub-items of the highlighted item"? or something different?

And lastly, WHERE IS THE UNDO for sorting?
I can't use trial and error when trying to figure out the sorting because I have thousands of folders and if I mess up, it'll take me a month to put them all back in order :(


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