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No TheBat! window or taskbar button but it continues to run.

For some reason my v8.2.4 Pro 64-bit application stopped displaying any windows or a task bar button today.  When I would start it its startup window would flash for a fraction of a second followed by another one of its windows for a fraction of a second, then they were gone and there was not even a TheBat! button on the task bar.  I tried cycling through the windows using Alt+Tab just to see if the missing window might be off-screen somewhere, but it wasn't.  However, TheBat! was actually running since I could see it in the task manager.

To try to fix the problem I first simply uninstalled and reinstalled it, but that didn't help.  I then uninstalled it again, manually deleted its installation directory in the system's "Programs" directory, and removed its information from the registry.  (However, I did keep a copy of its email data directory since I didn't want to lose all my account information.  I always specify a separate email directory during installation for that very reason.)  Anyway, I then did a reinstall but the problem remained.  Finally, I uninstalled and cleaned all these things again and installed my old copy of the v6.8.8 64-bit home version, which installed and ran without a problem.  I then updated it to v8.2.4 64-bit Pro again and everything was normal again.  I have no idea what the problem was or how to actually fix it other than wasting a lot of time trying everything possible, but after many hours of experimentation I did get it working again and I thought this information might help someone else.  However, BE SURE TO SAVE a copy of your email data directory first if you want your previous accounts!

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