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"Remove Duplicates" creates "Looks like no folder processing is necessary" Message

When I run "Folders=>"Delete Duplicates" a progress bar window tries to open but then immediately closes and the following message appears:

"Looks like no folder processing is necessary"

But there are two eMails in the Inbox to which I checked for same MessageID, From/To, Subject and Date. All the same. I expect TheBat to delete one of them.
I have the impression some option hinders the "Remove Duplicates" process from running.
Accessing this function by context menu on the folder does not change the behaviour.

Under "Folder=>Maintance Center" I can set a checkmark at "Remove Duplicates". The log reports checking only the following 3 folders:
- Outbox
- Sent Mail
- Trash

I investigated further and realised this account is an IMAP account. "Delete Duplicates" works on a POP3 account.There, it checks the inbox.
Why is this so?
Can I do something to run the checks on the other IMAP Account folders? I have tons of duplicate emails on this account in the Inbox.

How about uprading the message box text? I mean "Looks like no folder processing is necessary" is not very informative. (thebat v
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