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Auto-Archiving problem, Filter not working as expected
I have an IMAP account for which I am trying to set up automatic archiving.  My plan is define a filter (under 'Read Mail') which moves messages over a certain age from the Inbox to an 'Archive' folder.  This is itself an IMAP folder, mirrored from my ISP.  Then, using the scheduler, I have defined a recurring task which runs this filter on a weekly basis.  I tick the box to 're-filter after editing' and make the necessary selections.  Then click 'Go'.  

The filter begins to run and the progress bar shows that it has filtered approx four fifths of the messages.  At which point it stalls and the progress bar halts.  During this period, it is not possible to use The Bat.  Neither can I cancel the operation - I have to use Windows Task Manager to quit the program.  If I leave this process 'stalled' for long enough - typically about 30 minutes) it does eventually give up and disappears.  However, nothing has been filtered.  

In case it helps, I'm running TB 9.2.2.  I tried running all options in the 'Maintenance Centre' but this has had no effect.  Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

Update:  I think I've resolved this.  In the 'Move Message to a folder' filter properties, I had 'Automatically create if necessary' ticked under the folder options.  Looking at the log, TB had stalled when it tried to create this folder - because it already exists.  Un-ticking this option solved my issue.
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