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Three filtering questions
Hi, I have several filtering questions:

1) If I set a hotkey for a filter, when I hit the hotkey, on which messages do the defined actions run? All messages that match the filter conditions? All messages that are selected? All messages that are selected and match its conditions?

2) If a filter runs its actions on multiple messages, will the messages be processed sequentially, or will the actions be carried out in parallel? This is primarily important when running an external program that involves processing exported files and importing the output from the external program.

3) Is there any good way to take action based on the results of the external program's run? It would seem to me that one of the most obvious purposes for external programs is to somehow evaluate the contents of the message and then return a value used for further filtering decisions and actions. I don't see a way to capture the return value, however. (Except, maybe, by using scheduled events? I haven't experimented with that, and it seems a roundabout way of doing this.)
1) the selected message(s)

2) I don't know, but you can test that yourself

3) The reasons I use external programs are
a) changing messages and import those messages again in TB (you can run TB as an external program and with parameters you can instruct it to import a message)
b) handing off data to other programs for processing outside TB

An example of 3a can be found at:
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